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Gathering Grandmothers and the One Earth Family ~ Birthing New Cultural Dynamics for a Moral & Integrous Future~Being a Presence of the Moral & Integrous Root we need to Grow  

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Sister Lucy Kurien of MAHER Ashram, India with Norma Jean Young, Grandmother-Healer.

Grandmother as Healer, Convenor & Guide

The key presence of Wisdomkeeping Grandmothers, gathered in alliance around the world, is essential for guiding and HOLDING LIFE WHOLE in this chaotic time of breakdown.

Norma Jean Young has been Calling for the Presence of Elders for over 40 years.  Her close relationship with Great Grandmother Vi Hilbert (Taqesablu), Upper Skagit - being in service to her for her last 5 years- inspired Norma Jean to introduce this vital role of Wisdomkeeping Grandmother as a Healing force of Common Human Decency to our Spiritually ailing world. Since 2002, she has been actively gathering people to be inspired to become One Earth Family again - and return to a generating and harmonious way of living together and solving serious problems.  

As a seasoned Healer-Master Teacher of Reiki Natural Healing, Norma Jean has been offering Cultural as well as personal healings for 37 years of dedicated service.

These have included a recent APOLOGY to Chief Seattle's Duwamish People, and a Mothers' Human-i-TEA featuring the meeting of Sister Lucy Kurien, the living Mother Theresa of Pune, India  and Jolene Haas, Executive Director of the Duwamish Longhouse.  

More Cultural healings have fueled the Healing of our broken culture.  These have included teaching Reiki Healing to lepers in Indonesia, Inuit Women of Nuuk, Greenland, suffering domestic violence, as well as Teaching the first Reiki Course at Harvard.

Calling the 2003 "Getting Down to Earth with the Grandmothers" Healing Conference, gave voice to 5 Grandmothers from four continents, speaking to what is needed to meet the crises of our times and giving traditional Blessings to each young person attending.   This potent Presence of their Healing modes and practical wisdom

launched an ever-deepening and growing formation of a Circle of Grandmothers across the world - who are literally HOLDING LIFE WHOLE - in a Golden Net as One Earth Family.  

Norma Jean is actively engaging the Gathering of One Earth Family - and the Gathering of prominent Women Grandmothers and Leaders, so they can join in support of The Declaration of Common Human Decency, and be active Resources for Guidance of how to bring basic needs of all people and the Earth herself - back into balance.

These 5 Grandmothers were:

Great Grandmother Vi Hilbert, Upper Skagit,

Chieftress Dell Wihongi, Maori People of New Zealand,

Her Eminence Dagmola Kusho Sakya, Sakya Tibetan Buddhist Lineage 

Pauline hilaire, S'calla, Lummi Nation, Whale Grandmother, and

Grandmother-Aunty Angeline Locey, Lomi-lomi Grandmother, Kauai, Hawaii.

These 5 Grandmothers served as a precursor to the 13 Grandmothers from Indigenous Cultures throughout the world, who served our world with their wisdom and prayers and practices for the last 13 years.

Come!  Join your hearts and hands to give added strength to the One Earth Family!

As Grandmother Vi said, "Come!  Drink from the well - that never runs dry."

Call to Action:

*  Join the Earth Family.  Receive invitations to Gather and Activate Change.

*  Join upcoming Zoom Call convened by Norma Jean. Call Circles in your Community.

*  Follow these Wisdomkeepers and support them.

*  Invite these Grandmothers to be Speakers for your Gathering or Organization.

*  Attend the upcoming One Earth Family Healing Ceremony in November in Washington State.

*  Patreon Posting for the financial support of this essential Grandmother Work.


FLEDGE Program for African Start-ups.

QUEST University Life Mentor

Served as Grandmother at BASTYR University VITALISM Retreat.

Grandmother Service:

Living Future Conference

Story Bridge Event - Whidbey Institute

Announce coming events

From Sister Lucy . . . .

"My dear Norma Jean, You are a blessing to my life.  You have no idea how happy I am to have you in my life.  Thank you for the love you have for this world. Thank you for all that you are doing.  Thank you for including this poor being in all your programs.  I am very grateful to you and I love you."  Sister Lucy Kurien, Maher Ashram, Pune, India.

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APOLOGY TO THE DUWAMISH, CHIEF SEATTLE'S TRIBE! MARCH 30, Duwamish Longhouse, 1-5 pm; 4705 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle




“For time immemorial the deep, cohesive wisdom, which follows natural laws of order and creation, has been held by Elder Women of all Peoples - the Grandmothers. We need their PRESENCE, their VOICE, their GUIDANCE, and their GRACE. It is my job - to Gather Them - and Catalyze Us, as Earth Family, Globally.”  

Norma Jean Young, Founder-Gatherer, Grandmothers Global Healing Movement

We stand in the One Circle for the Earth and All her Inhabitants!


We stand for Common Human Decency!

RE-UNITE: Mothers and Children


When you choose us, you join THE ONE EARTH FAMILY. We work not just with you but with other community members  building projects- evidence - of Common Human Decency!   This is my beloved grandson from Honduras, re-united with his mother in my  home - from the unacceptable border action of the USA.